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Xtend Call Billing System

The Billing Software Solution helps to identify cost incurred on calls and continuous evaluation helps to optimise telecom utilisation.


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Login Page

Login Page

Access the Login Page and enter the username, password for authentication. Get complete information of recorded calls on your desktop. Listen to live calls and track call details from the user-friendly browser interface comprising of advanced reporting features.

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Powerful Search Facility

Utilise the powerful filter search capability to locate specific call records using SMDR parameters, configure and retrieve location-based service usage and get peak hour report with total call count made during specific days.

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Call Billing Reports

Displays the date-wise, extension-wise reports with details like call time, trunk name, extension number, extension group and much more along with total call count and total call cost.

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PDF & CSV Format

Generate and print reports, convert to PDF/CSV formats, export search results and send e-mail for further analysis.

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Expensive Call List

Review the expensive call with respect to cost and date range to prepare assessment reports for optimising the call cost. Also save the reports for future references.