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Xtend Call Billing System

The Billing Software Solution helps to identify cost incurred on calls and continuous evaluation helps to optimise telecom utilisation.


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Reduce Manual Data-Entry Error

An error free call billing report can be generated with Xtend Call Billing System which eliminates the billing error. The chance of error is minimum, since all the details are logged in real time and there is no manual calculation included.

Reduce Telecom Expense

Call Billing System is invaluable for reducing telecom expenses through eliminating the misuse of telephones. Track the excessive calls by collecting the call details and providing reports, which inturn improve visibility and accountability for consumption of the telephone.

Store Critical Data for Reference

All the incoming/outgoing call details are stored, thus reducing the burden of manual storage. The reports can be printed, e-mailed, or saved for future reference. The call billing reports can also be saved in PDF or CSV format.

Low Implementation Costs

The device can be quickly deployed with the existing PBX at reduced cost and the web-based application can be easily managed for better process management and quality control.

Misuse Identification and Prevention

Call accounting software helps the supervisors to track the details of calls made by the employees. By analysing the call reports, misuse of the phone network and the accuracy of long distance calls can be easily detected. The supervisor can also search for calls exceeding a predetermined cost to ensure that no unauthorised calls are made by the employees.

Improve Cost Allocation

With Xtend Call Billing System, the supervisor can analyse the call details and allocate the cost among each department, employees or even customers. The billing details based on time of call, phone number, trunk, extension, duration of call, etc. can be retrieved for monitoring purpose as well as for future references.