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Xtend Call Billing System

The Billing Software Solution helps to identify cost incurred on calls and continuous evaluation helps to optimise telecom utilisation.


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1. What is Xtend Call Billing Solution?
Xtend Call Billing Solution helps to identify the cost incurred on calls and continuous evaluation helps to optimise telecom utilisation. User can easily identify the areas where the costs are high and optimise the usage through controlled measures.
2. Why I am unable to install the Xtend Call Billing Software?
The minimum Operating System compatibility to install the Xtend Call Billing is Windows Server 2008/2012/2016, Windows 7/8/8.1/10. If your system does not have any of these Operating Systems then it is not possible to install Xtend Call Billing. Also, check the rights in Operating System level.
3. Why red light appears while connecting the device to the system?
Successful hardware installation will solve this issue. If still this issue exists, go to Device Manager to check the Device Driver → Click Update Driver Software then select the first option. If the first option "Install the software automatically [Recommended]" doesn't work, then select the second option "Install from a list or specific location [Advanced]". Browse and select the Call Billing installed folder. Click Next to continue for successful driver installation.
4. Why green light appears blinking after the software installation?
This happens when the device is not configured. Go to Configuration → Devices and set the Trunk/Extension Name and complete the SMDR config details to carry out the configuration.
5. Why I am unable to login to Call Billing Web Interface?
This may happen due to two reasons-
1) The Xtend Web Server might not be running.
2) Due to the presence of any anti-virus software.
6. Why calls are not available in report after configuration?
Check whether the SMDR data is available from the EPABX. Also, check the model of PBX selected in the configuration is correct or not. If both are correct, then for resolving the issue, please contact Technical Support team.
7. Why calls are not billed after getting details in the Logs Report?
This may happen when the plan configuration is not configured for the SMDR trunks. To resolve, go to Billing Configuration → Plan Configuration and select the appropriate plan for configuring the SMDR trunks.
8. Why billing reports appear empty even after the SMDR data is configured properly?
Check whether the date and time is incorrect in SMDR data. Make sure that both are correct in PBX also.
9. Why CLI (incoming call number/outgoing call number) is not available in the Call Billing Report?
Check if the Caller Number and Called Number is available in the SMDR data. If the Settings are correct in PBX then check whether the configured PBX model is correct or not.
10. Can I exclude billing of extension numbers in the Xtend Call Billing Solution?
Extensions can be excluded and this can be done from Billing Configuration → General Settings.
11. Can we get reports based on Account Code of users?
Account Code details can be added in Extensions → Account code. Also, the same can be viewed/exported from Billing Reports → Search → Account Code Name.
12. Is it possible to edit the default call costing of service providers?
Call costing can be edited from Billing Configuration → Plan Configuration → View Tariff → Edit Tariff.
13. Is the Xtend Call Billing software capable of being integrated with other applications?
Yes, it is possible to integrate Xtend Call Billing Software with other applications using the POST URL and Database Integration using Connection String.
14. Is it possible to view the Xtend Call Billing Software with Static IP from remote location?
Yes, the web interface of Xtend Call Billing can be viewed with Static IP from a remote location. Web Server Port should be forwarded to Public for the same.
15. Is it possible to restrict users from viewing call billing reports of others?
Yes, user can assign Extension/Group-wise rights to users so that they will be able to access their respective extension/groups report only.