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Xtend Call Billing System

The Billing Software Solution helps to identify cost incurred on calls and continuous evaluation helps to optimise telecom utilisation.


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Health Sectors

Call billing and recording in the health care sectors like Clinics, Hospitals and Pharmacies are critical. Automatic billing and recording of calls guarantees compliance, quality control and helps to avoid potential disputes. The doctors as well as patients can be billed for phone usage and the phone expense can be allocated to each department or doctor. The management can identify unwanted calls and also retrieve critical information for instant playback.

Business Enterprises

Performance Management plays a vital role in the success of all Business Enterprises like Service Firms, Media Offices, Information Technology, Real Estate Agencies, Retailers, etc. Reviews of phone conversation enables to effectively identify capable support staff and weed out non-performing personnel to ensure a dramatic improvement in the business. Each call cost is calculated and the amount is listed in the call billing details, which reduces unnecessary call costs (especially personal calls) and reduces the telephone bill.

Travel & Tourism

In today's travel industry, lot of information are conveyed and many bookings are made over the phone. Call billing is becoming increasingly important in Travel Agencies, Tourism Offices, Railways, Airlines, Hotels, etc. as it is capable to generate reports at a faster pace. The phone number for which the billing amount appears higher can be recorded and monitored to ensure efficient telecom utilisation and maximum performance.

Finance Institutions

Most of the finance institutions like Banks, Insurance Companies, Share Traders, etc. operate in a highly organised manner. Businesses within these industries can utilise Xtend Call Billing System to manage call cost, liability issues, improve quality management, protect confidential data and increase operational effectiveness and performance. The real-time call monitoring facility can be used to ensure safe and secure transactions.

Legal Offices

Automatic tracking of all client communication enables the law firms to improve billing efficiency by providing precise billing information to their clients. The billed reports can be saved in Excel format that helps to minimise the time utilisation. The clients can be charged for phone consultation and misuse of phone by any of the staffs can be easily identified.