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Xtend Call Billing System

The Billing Software Solution helps to identify cost incurred on calls and continuous evaluation helps to optimise telecom utilisation.


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Local/STD/ISD and Inter/Intra Call Billing Details

Retrieve call billing details of incoming/outgoing calls happening in the organisation along with the total call count. Displays detailed billing details corresponding to the area/location. The users can access information on billing such as the trunk details, call type, number type, country, status, duration and call cost.

Total Expense Reports with Consumption Analysis

View the expense report based on the cost incurred for a specified date with total call count. Details corresponding to each type of call like internal, local landline, mobile and ISD can also be viewed along with the percentage of calls and cost.

View/Edit/Upload/Download Tariff

Set the tariff rates corresponding to each trunk or extension as per the service provider plan. The call billing software helps to compare and analyse the call tariff rates charged by different telecommunication operators.

Logs Complete Call Billing Details

Each record comprises of complete call details like the type of call (incoming/outgoing), date, time and duration of the call, caller's phone number, dialed phone number and much more.

Full-fledged Billing Reports

Call Billing System produces multiple reports which enable you to analyse calls and verify billing details. The reports include extension details, trunk details, call details (Type/Duration/Status/Cost), most expensive calls and longest calls.

Automatic Scheduled Backup of Billing Details

Take backup of the entire billing data to ensure the safety of critical data from being lost. Backup settings include area code, call costing details and tariff details.

Set Off Peak Week Days & Holiday Schedule

User can set the off peak week days and off peak holiday dates through the browser interface. Bill generation and reports shall be computed and displayed on the basis of values provided by the user.

Powerful Search Options

Utilise the powerful filter search capability to locate specific call records using SMDR parameters, configure and retrieve location-based service usage and get peak hour report with total call count made during specific days.

Statistical Presentation

Shows the tabular and graphical representation of ext/group wise call statistics, call count, call summary, call cost etc. along with the facility to export and print the details. This provision gives an overview of the calls handled by the extension lines.

Grouping Extensions

Access the comprehensive search reports for extensions. Displays the billing report based on extension number from which call was dialed and then also displays the phone number to which it was transferred. Create, edit different groups with description and assign extension to each group. Add group members under each group to manage the calls effectively.

Conversion to PDF/CSV Format

All reports that are generated can be saved and downloaded in the most popular file formats CSV and PDF. Save for future reference and share it for evaluation purposes.

Area-based Search to Retrieve Information Quickly

The call billing software helps to locate, search and retrieve report for a particular location/area based on the search parameters such as STD/Local areacode, type, area, location, district, state and country/region.

Centralised Monitoring

Centralised management allows an Administrator to monitor, analyse and maintain the billing details along with the call reports of all the branches in a Single Server.

Call Recording

Voice Recording is absolutely free on a single telephone line. The incoming or outgoing calls placed on the voice logged line are recorded and stored in the Call Billing System. Any mismatch found in the billing details of the logged channel can be easily analysed from the web interface by listening to the recorded call.