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Xtend Voice Logger for Analog Line (VX) allows an organisation to ensure that the calls are answered promptly and professionally while the phone conversations are recorded for future evaluation purposes. A major compelling feature of this innovation is the welcome message facility that greets the callers and announces that the call is being recorded for quality assurance purposes. A periodic beep sound could also be generated in place of the announcement to notify the callers about the recording process. Customised announcements can be setup based on days and hours of office operation/non-working hours and holidays. The additional voicemail feature allows an organisation to follow up with client requirements.

Xtend Voice Logger : VX Logger

The VX device comes in 2/4 port configuration and is a fully featured scalable model where multiple devices can be connected to a single PC to scale up to a total of 256+ ports. During multiple unit installation, the software presents a combined unified browser interface, so as to access all the connected Xtend Voice Logging VX devices. A parallel connection is used to connect to the analog trunk or extension line. A complete record of all the call details including Caller ID, call duration, time, call status and audio of every telephone conversation will be available through the browser-based user-friendly interface.


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VX Logger