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Click to enlarge : Login Page

Login Page

Access the Login page and enter the Username, Password for authentication. Get complete information of recorded calls on your desktop. Listen to live calls and track call details from the user-friendly browser interface comprising of advanced reporting features.

Click to enlarge : Home Page

Home Page

Home Page is divided into three areas - Upper Area, Middle Area and Left Area. Upper and Left Area remains fixed and comprises of user-friendly menus and submenus whereas the Middle Area varies as per the selection of menu in the Left Area.

Click to enlarge : Call Logs

Call Logs

Easy-to-use remotely accessible browser interface with full-fledged reporting features. Displays complete call details like Caller/Called ID, Date, Time, Duration etc. Listen to real-time calls through an inbuilt Audio Player with excellent tools to analyse the recorded conversation.

Click to enlarge : User Accounts

User Accounts

Multiple users can access the browser interface at different authorisation levels. Administrator can set the access level rights for each user. User Accounts helps to improve the security and protection of the browser interface from any unauthorised access on your computer.

Click to enlarge : Live Calls

Live Calls

Listen to active calls from anywhere at any time from the Live Calls menu. View status of active calls on all the channels. Automatically record, play and listen to the snooped call multiple number of times through Audio Player and print reports for further references.

Click to enlarge : Backup


From backup and restore features of Xtend Voice Logger, it is easier to keep the logged audio files safe from errors or system failures. Backup (manual or automatic) files to CD/DVD/HDD and restore it whenever required. User can also export call reports to HTML/Excel format.

Click to enlarge : Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring

Download the Xtend Logger Client for live call monitoring from Administration menu, set the IP address and enable popup to get an alert of ongoing calls. Listen to live conversations through headphone and generate reports for interaction analysis.

Click to enlarge : Call Tags

Call Tags

Mark tags to crucial calls from drop-down menu for quick identification. User can also customise tags in their own way and assign the new tag to logged calls. Calls with customised tags can be easily distinguished from normal calls. This helps to track call details in a faster pace.

Click to enlarge : Phonebook


Phonebook allows you to enter the name and address of the customer. This facility helps the call monitoring official to have a quick identification of the caller whenever an incoming call arrives. Phonebook serves as a central repository of caller's information.

Click to enlarge : Advanced Search

Advanced Search

Search feature helps to retrieve call details on the basis of caller/called number, comments, call id etc. User can goto the advanced search section and retrieve calls on the basis of boolean search. Advanced Search is fast, powerful and focused to retrieve only those details that matches the user-defined criteria.