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1. What is Xtend Voice Logger?
Xtend Voice Logger is a multi-channel voice-logging tool that works in cohesion with audio channels, analog, digital and VoIP telephone lines. Xtend Voice Logger helps in improving customer service by enabling the upper level management to review the actual telephone conversation with the customer.
2. What are the recommended system requirements to install and run Xtend Voice Logger?
To use Xtend Voice Logger on a Windows PC, you must have the following minimum system requirements:
Minimum System Requirements
Operating System (32/64-bit) Windows 7/8/8.1/10/
Windows Server 2008/2012/2016/2019
BrowserInternet Explorer 6.0 or above
Processor SpeedDual Core or higher
Memory 2 GB or above
Hard Disk Space 500 MB for software installation
1 GB approx. for 175 hrs of recording
Note: The specification mentioned here will vary based on the actual requirement from the client.
3. Why red light appears while connecting the device to the system?
This happens when installation of Xtend Voice Logger Driver is incorrect. Run the Xtend Voice Logger setup.exe first. Then, connect the device to the system. Install the driver for the hardware. Successful hardware installation will solve this issue. If still the issue exists, goto Device Manager → Select Xtend Voice Logger from Ports (COM & LPT) → Click Update Driver Software then select the first option. If the first option "Install the software automatically [Recommended]" doesn't work, then select the second option "Install from a list or specific location [Advanced]". Browse and select the Voice Logger installed folder. Click Next to continue for successful driver installation.
4. Why green light appears blinking after the software installation?
This happens when the device is not configured. Goto Configuration -> Devices and set the Trunk/Extension Name to carry out the configuration.
5. Why I am unable to login to Xtend Voice Logger Web Interface?
This may happen due to two reasons: first, the Xtend Web Server may not be running; second, the presence of any anti-virus software makes the user unable to login to the system.
6. Why am I not able to obtain the dialed numbers properly?
Check the 'Type' of call mode i.e. Pulse mode or Tone mode. The dialed numbers will be recorded when the type of call is in Tone mode. Also, check the noise level in the recorded file.
7. While logging calls, why the first digit is missing in dialed number?
This may happen due to the dial tone getting mixed with the DTMF. To solve this issue, go to C:\XtendLogger\13324\xivr\Drivers\xvlog.ini and change the value of total energy in [DTMF].
8. Why am I unable to record incoming calls in Xtend Voice Logger?
If the incoming calls are not getting recorded in the Voice Logger, then check the line voltage at the Voice Logger end in offhook mode (Check whether the line voltage is in between 9V and 18V when we pick up the receiver).
9. Why CLI (incoming call number) is not available in the Logs Report?
In order to view the CLI in the Logs Report, make sure you receive the CLI from the Service Provider/PBX system. Also note that most of the service provider is giving caller_id between first and second ring. So it is always recommended to pick incoming calls after two rings.
10. Why I am unable to download the ActiveX Wave Player from my browser after installing Xtend Voice Logger?
After the installation of Xtend Voice Logger, when you try to hear the recorded conversations using the ActiveX, a security warning message appears as "Windows has blocked this software : it cannot verify the publisher". In such case, open Internet Explorer → Tools → Internet Options → Security → Custom Level → Download unsigned ActiveX Controls → Enable.
11. Can I exclude logging of certain numbers (personal number restriction feature) in the Xtend Voice Logger?
Yes, the feature is available. To enable this feature, go to Configuration → General Settings and enter the phone numbers that you do not want to log in the box next to "Exclude Trunk/Phone Number Logging" and click Ok. Then the settings are updated successfully.
12. How can we log both analog and digital lines in one computer system?
It is possible to log both analog and digital lines in a single computer if you have Analog Logger and Digital Logger installed in the same system.
13. Is the Xtend Voice Logger software capable of integrating with other applications?
Yes, it is possible to integrate Xtend Voice Logger software with other applications using the URL Posting facility.
14. Is it possible to view the Xtend Voice Logger System with static IP from remote location?
Yes, the web interface of Xtend Voice Logger can be viewed with static IP from a remote location.
15. Does Xtend Voice Logger support voice-activated recording?
Yes, Xtend Voice Logger supports voice-activated recording. To enable this feature, set the Log Type as "Voice Activated" during the device configuration.
16. What is the minimum and maximum line voltage for recording in analog lines?
The permissible range for OFF Hook voltage lies between 6V to 18V. If it does not belong to this range, add resistance to regulate voltage.
17. Can we restrict users from viewing call logs of others?
Yes, we can restrict the users from viewing the call logs of others. To enable this feature, go to Administration → User Accounts and set the appropriate rights for the selected user.