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Xtend Voice Logger

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Xtend Voice Logger for Analog Lines (DX) is a multi-line voice recording device with 32 ports that can be used to record telephone conversations occurring on Analog trunks and extensions in an organisation. The Voice Logger presents the logged information through a secure user-friendly browser interface with full-fledged features for call monitoring and evaluations. The product comes with a powerful hardware and feature-rich software with standard features like audio playback and listening, popup notification that enables instant display of call information on any agent PC and remote audio live snoop capability to address customer issues quickly and fairly. Voice logs can be used to implement personnel performance reviews, perform self-appraisal and train customer support staff for handling calls in difficult situations.

Xtend Voice Logger : DX Logger

The device comes in 24/32 port configurations for DX model and these have 1U rack (tray) mountable size. The Xtend Voice Logger provides all the additional information about the call such as Caller ID, Called ID, Call Time, Date, Call Duration and much more. The web interface of these models can be accessed through a PC either locally or remotely. Even in the situation of installation in multiple rooms/floors/buildings, the Xtend Voice Logger software ensures a combined unified browser interface for accessing all the connected Voice Loggers. Users can access the browser interface at any time to listen and review the active as well as recorded conversations for performance assessment and quality assurance. For assessment, critical calls can be combined and saved as a separate file for future reference.


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DX Logger