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Xtend Voice Logger

Implement Xtend Voice Logger to increase productivity, enhance customer relations, improve business and make services quicker and more efficient.


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The Centralised Voice Logging Solution is installed at Head Office (HO) and in every branch Xtend Voice Logger is installed for recording the incoming and outgoing calls from Analog/Digital/VoIP telephone lines.

Xtend Voice Logger : Centralise Voicelogger

The centralised solution implements a unified browser interface for monitoring the multiple branches. Multiple users with different authorisation levels can access the browser interface for verifying/supervising the incoming and outgoing calls. The browser interface with full-fledged features comprises of menus and sub-menus for organising the logged call details of each location.


The use of Centralised Voice Logging Solution helps to achieve business flexibility with increased efficiency and quality control.

Connection Diagram

Centralised Voice Logger