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Xtend Voice Logger

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ATC Voice Logger is a full-fledged, dedicated, 4U 19" rack mountable server with all the necessary components to store and implement audio logging from Analog/Digital VHF/UHF Transceivers, Wireless Units/Radios, RADAR etc. Typically, the standalone system requires only the necessary power supply, logging lines and an Ethernet connection.

Xtend Voice Logger : VX Logger
Potential Attributes
Incident Mapping & Analysis from Multiple Channels

The fully-featured and advanced ActiveX Audio Player has the capability to list the selected logged audio/video from multiple channels. Multi-channel playback allows the investigating official to recreate and analyse the communication which happened during an event based on the timeline an incident occurred. This helps to reconstruct an incident quickly.

Redundant Storage

The most important role of the call recorder is to keep the information stored on it safe, especially from hardware failure. If the power fails or if any problem occurs to the internal systems, the entire data related to the recorded calls will be lost. Redundancy is one popular type of data protection. This feature is a fail-safe measure to protect the logged data in case of failure of the voice logging system.

Encrypted & Tamper Resistant Storage

All recorded audio files are stored in encrypted format and it also gives an indication if the actual recorded file is found to be tampered.

Connection Diagram

ATC Connection Diagram