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Xtend Voice Logger for Analog Lines is a multi-line passive voice recording device that can be used to record telephone conversations occurring on analog trunks and extensions. Xtend Voice Logger for Analog Lines is capable of logging call details including the Caller Id, Trunk Name, Ring Duration, Call Duration, Call Start Time & End Time, Call Type (Incoming/Outgoing), Call Status (Failed/Missed/Connected), Board Serial No. & Channel, Recording Format (Compressed/Default) and the actual recorded audio of the telephone conversation. The Voice Logger is capable of monitoring and recording trunk-side and extension-side analog lines.

Xtend Voice Logger : Analog Line

Devices come in 1/2/4/8/12/16 port configurations for DX and 2/4/8 port for the LX model. DX is the fully featured model where multiple devices can be connected to a single PC to scale upto a total of 256+ ports and LX model is a low-cost lower-featured product which is limited to three devices per PC.

Potential Attributes

If the Xtend Voice Logger analog line USB device cannot be used in your country due to dealer non-availability or certification restrictions, you can purchase the software only version of the voice logger for use with standard voice logging cards like Ai-Logix and Synway. The flexibility of Xtend Voice Logger software to work with multiple devices simultaneously, enables you to have a unified web interface for your analog, digital and VoIP logging requirements. Unique features present in the product include client popup software that enables call information to popup on any agent PC, integration capability with any CRM software, remote audio live snoop capability and the browser-based user interface that enables remote access from any PC on the network.

Apart from the USB device/voice card, Xtend Voice Logging software needs to be installed to record audio, generate logging details and reports. While any standard PC can be used, recommended specifications include

Operating System (32/64-bit) : Windows 2008/2012/Vista/7/8
Browser : Internet Explorer 6.0 or above
Processor Speed : Dual Core or higher
Memory : 2 GB or above
Hard Disk Space : 500 MB for software installation
1 GB approx. for 175 hrs of recording
Note: The specification mentioned here is for recording a single port and this shall vary with the increase in number of ports.

Connection Diagram

Xtend Voice Logging solution for Analog Lines is capable for monitoring and recording both trunk-side and extension-side analog lines. The following diagram helps you to figure out the configuration of Xtend Voice Logger for Analog Lines with trunk line and extension lines.

Technical Diagram : Connecting at the Trunk line side

Technical Diagram : Connection to monitor EPABX Extensions