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Xtend Call Center Solutions

Automated inbound/outbound call mangement platform to proactively serve customers and deliver superior customer experience.


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Inbound Application

An inbound call center handles only inbound calls as the call center system automatically attends incoming calls from PRI/VoIP Lines and delivers information within few moments. The telephony application seamlessly integrates with Analog/E1 telephony boards, VoIP lines to attend calls and processes the caller's request at a faster pace. Due to automatic handling, it saves the time of customer support personnel to a large extent, thus enabling the support staff to communicate more effectively while handling customer calls.

When the customer dials a service number which is routed over the telephone network, Xtend Call Center Solution automatically attends the call to process the customer's request and the information is delivered to the customer. On caller's request, the call can also be transferred to an agent for assistance.

Outbound Application

An outbound call center automatically dials list of phone numbers and interacts with the customer to convey information related to programs, offers etc. and on demand, transfers the call to an agent for elaborate assistance. The outbound campaigns include telemarketing, sales, surveys, reminders, etc. The telephony application seamlessly integrates with telephony boards, VoIP lines to automatically filter, orchestrate and manage outbound campaigns at a faster pace. The outbound dialing solutions provide complete local/remote supervision control and reporting facilities to manage contact center operations more effectively. The product can be implemented with ease in any small or large enterprises to reduce call cost, increase sales productivity and boost business profits.

Xtend Call Center Solution dials a list of customers and waits for the connection to be established. Customer receives the call and the system connects the call to the available agent on the other side, the agent interacts with the customer and communicates the information related to the campaign.

Xtend Call Center Solutions : Technical Diagram