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Xtend Call Center Solutions

Proactively serve customers and deliver superior customer experience and results in overall productivity over call operations in an enterprise.


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Finance Sector

The financial sector handles large volume of calls everyday that varies from simple searches to complex transactions. Xtend Call Center Solutions help financial institutions to promptly respond to queries and on demand transfers the call to an agent for elaborate assistance. The system can dial and connect numerous customers to inform about the latest developments in the financial firm. As an inbound call attendant, the system can provide better customer experience through quick response and as an outbound dialer, it is possible to generate tremendous leads for increasing revenue. Applicable Areas include:

Travel & Tourism

Considerable amount of time is spent by the customer to retrieve booking details of bus, train or flight status and on the other hand, the office staff has to perform repetitive tasks over phone. To minify the processing time and to provide enhanced service to the customers, Xtend Call Center proves to be extremely useful. As an automated answering system, the incoming calls are attended by the software system and the information is delivered within few moments. The outbound application of Xtend Call Center can be used where the phone numbers can be uploaded and campaigns can be configured for auto-dialing purpose. Significant details can be informed through mass dialing simultaneously thus reducing the workload and saving time to a large extent.


Every year large number of calls are dialed manually to inform guardians or officials about the activities taking place in the educational institutions. This work can be made easier with Xtend Call Center through auto-dialing process that informs the latest updates to the related individuals in a short period of time with minimum cost. Applicable areas include:


Xtend Call Center serves as a significant tool in government bodies and related sectors, as the public can be made aware of the government policies, rules, etc. over the phone through automated dialing process. Opinion polls can be carried out to know the views, reactions and comments of the people related to various issues for the development of economy. The Call Center System as an automated call attendant ensure that repetitive and time consuming queries are minified to a large extent. Applicable areas include:


Media and Entertainment sector involves lot of challenges as up-to-date information should be easily accessible and readily available to public at any time. Xtend Call Center eliminates the need of manual dialing by providing instant information to vast group rapidly within few moments. This helps to increase sales revenue, saves time and cost with usage of minimum resources. Applicable areas include: