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Interactive Voice Response System

Rapid IVR development toolkit with support for Analog/Digital/VoIP telephone lines to implement an automated call answering system in an organisation.


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Automated Phone Services

The deployment of Xtend IVR in an organisation reduces the cost of common sales, service, collections, inquiry and support calls to a large extent.

24/7 Operational Hours

The IVR system can effectively handle higher volume of calls at any time. The flexibility of operating continuously allows callers to interact with the IVR system during or after official hours without the help of any support staff.

Faster Access to Information

Now, customers can get the complete information from the IVR system within few moments as it uses a powerful database for quick processing and faster retrieval of the related enquiry details. Instead of waiting for a long time to get the details of account balance, bill details, payment due dates etc., just dial up the Xtend IVR system to fetch the latest information.

Save Time and Reduce Call Cost

Implementation of the automated system saves large amount of time as the IVR solution can interact with multiple callers at the same time. The system can drive down the complete cost with automatic dialing as it utilises a calculated amount of time while carrying out a particular transaction.

Multi-lingual Prompt Support

Xtend IVR supports TTS and ASR engines in order to interact with customers in multiple languages. This facility allows for an effective customer service thus enabling users to easily understand and input their own information without any error for faster processing of transactions.

Simple & Faster Deployment

The development of Xtend IVR is done in a way that the toolkit is simple and easily scalable to channels as per the user requirement. The flexibility of Xtend IVR Toolkit makes the installation of the Xtend IVR Toolkit and deployment of any requirement from customers simple and faster.

Efficiently Convey Information

Optimise call operations and deliver effective customer service with the use of Xtend IVR in your organisation. Our application is the simplest and the most flexible approach to develop an IVR system that delivers real-time information to customers on-demand.